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Electrical Panel Replacement MI

Think of the breaker panel as the heart of your home’s electrical system. As a result, your home cannot operate optimally without it. Are you in need of electrical panel replacement or installation in your MI home? Are you wondering whether you should upgrade your electrical panel?

Current Electrical Systems provides electrical panel solutions to residents of Detroit, Ann Arbor and Northwest Ohio in Michigan. We have a dedicated team of experts to help with all your electrical panel replacement needs in MI and its environs. You can count on our highly trained technicians to inspect, replace and upgrade your panel.

If you need an electrical panel replacement in MI, you need to let the professionals handle it. Current Electrical Systems has a team of certified and trained experts skilled in handling electrical panel installation for any upgrades or replacements. In addition, we offer 24-hour services and same day appointments to residents of Ann Arbor, Detroit in Michigan.

If your electrical panel is outdated, it’s time to get a new one. If you are wondering whether to upgrade your electrical panel, contact us for expert advice from our specialists. Our trusted electricians have learned the ins and outs of electrical panel replacements, so residents of MI can be confident in our professional services.

Current Electrical Systems provides same day appointments as well as emergency electrical panel replacement. You do not have to wait for weeks to get the job done. This is because have a reliable team on standby to answer your call.

Electrical Panel Installation

Current Electrical Systems is the go-to company for professional electrical panel replacement and installation. Michigan homeowners in need of electrical panel replacement can count on us for:

  • Timely appointments
  • Quality electrical panel installation and replacements.
  • Upfront estimates with no hidden costs.
  • Quality replacement parts from leading manufacturers.
  • Certified, professional and insured technicians to ensure quality workmanship.

We take pride in our team’s extensive electrical expertise. In addition, we offer superior craftsmanship, which can be seen in the work we do. As a result, our electricians have maintained a track record of excellence throughout Ann Arbor MI and its environs.

Should I upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Several factors should inform the decision on whether to upgrade your electrical panel. If the breakers keep tripping, then this is a sign that an electrical panel replacement or upgrade is necessary. Breakers tipping is often an indication that there is more current flowing than the breaker switch is designed to handle.

Another tell-sign is a burnt breaker switch. If you notice a brown scorching on the breaker, you need an upgrade. Such burns are signs of a short circuit. It is also an indication that the breaker is hot, and this can easily cause a fire.

Flickering lights can also indicate that you should upgrade your electrical panel. Old homes normally have about 60 amps, while newer homes need at least 100 amps. If your lights flicker, this is a sign that there is low amperage to serve the electrical appliances in the home.

If your appliances do not stay powered or don’t go on at all, this is an indication that the electric panels are not receiving enough amperage. This is another instance in which an electrical panel installation is necessary. If you have a system that is more than 30 years old, then consider updating the panel. 

These are just a few of the things that show you need an electrical panel upgrade or replacement.

One of our certified technicians will diagnose the issue and make the best recommendation. We do the hard work so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is safe. Call Current Electrical Systems today.