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Emergency Circuit Breaker Repair

Circuit breakers are lifesavers when it comes to the safety of your home. They come with a handy “reset’ technology to ensure your appliances are working right. If your tripped breaker won’t reset, it’s time to call in the professionals for a circuit breaker repair service.

If you are in Northwest Ohio, Detroit, Ann Arbor or their environs, you can count on Current Electrical Systems for expert repairs. Our certified and trained technicians know everything there is to know about circuit breakers. They also have a wealth of experience that allows them to handle even the most complicated circuit breaker issues with ease.

Circuit breakers tend to trip at the worst possible time. Breaker failures can lead to unplanned shutdowns. Consequently, surprise outages can bring your business to a standstill. In such instances, you need emergency circuit breaker repair services. Our technicians are on standby to deal with all your urgent electrical issues.

Our team of professionals will arrive at the scene and conduct diagnostics on your systems and appliances. At Current Electrical Systems, we have specialist electricians on call 24 hours a day. You can count on us when your electrical systems fail. Our dedicated team of experts is more than capable of handling all emergency circuit breaker repairs, and in as little time as possible.

When to call Current Electrical Systems for circuit breaker repair

In some cases, resetting the breaker will fix the problem. However, it is important to know when to call professional electrical services. You should call us when:

  • The tripped breaker won’t reset.
  • The breaker turns too hot.
  • There is visible damage such as frayed wires and burned appliances.
  • There is a popping or hissing noise coming from the breaker.

The above issues require immediate and professional expertise. Do not attempt to fix them on your own, as you could easily compromise the safety of your home.

Tripped Breaker Won’t Reset?

Short circuits and overloads cause circuit breaker tripping and reset issues. In addition, if you have an older home, then you need an electrical systems inspection. Older homes typically experience more tripping issues because most of the elements have weakened over time.

At Current Electrical Systems, we have expert electricians that conduct circuit breaker repair and replacement in older homes. Years of experience in electrical systems make them uniquely qualified to handle even the most complex systems.

At a glance, the circuit breaker appears small and inconspicuous. In most cases, it is also tucked away, often at the corner in your basement. However, this little box is the nerve center that keeps your electrical network in check. In light of this, it is important to get prompt circuit breaker repair whenever it is needed. Homeowners should also remember to have this box serviced regularly.

In most cases, the need for repair of the circuit breaker is not obvious. This is why the circuit box should be routinely opened and checked by a trusted electrician. He or she will also check for dust accumulation and remove any foreign materials from the box. While circuit breakers are designed to last for a long time, routine checks and repairs go a long way in ensuring they last longer.


Repairs on circuit breakers need to be handled professionally. It is not just about fixing the problem, but getting to the root cause of the issue. This is what we do. We tackle the problem from the source to ensure that the tripping stops. Residents and business owners in Northwest Ohio can count on Current Electrical Systems for:

  • Experienced, certified and insured technicians.
  • Same-day response services.
  • A complete diagnosis of the problem.
  • Fair billing and competitive pricing.

Call Electrical Systems today for guaranteed professional services and expert circuit breaker repair in Ann Arbor Michigan and the surrounding areas.